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Kirtee Engineering

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of EPS processing machinery. In today's volatile competitive environment EPS having a lot of applications in the field of packing material & other special-purpose applications. Hence it is very much essential to have good & correct machinery set up to reach productivity, quality at a competitive rate.  

There are following types of machines which we are regularly manufactured as per customer requirements.

1) Fully Automatic Pneumatic Thermocole/ EPS Machine.
2) Fully Automatic Hydraulic Thermocole/ EPS Machine
3) Semi Automatic Thermocole/ EPS Machine
4) Manual Operated Thermocole/ EPS Machine.
5) Manual Pneumatic Thermocole/ EPS Machine.
6) Manual Preforming Thermocole/ EPS Machine.

Quality is never an accident but it is always the result of intelligent efforts & that can not be achieved only by heavy investments. We are the company you can very well relie on the mission of this venture. We always provide quality machines, timely services, and low-cost investments with high productivity, along with the right technical assistance.
We always understand the customer requirement & accordingly we suggest the plant which will be suitable as per budget. We take care of our customer right from helping to select the machinery, necessary set up, machine & utilities, designs, erection & commissioning of EPS machinery.
We also wish to state at this juncture that we are in dis field from last 10 years & we have complete set up required for manufacturing of plants & machinery. this is technically supported by highly experienced & skilled manpower.